Mint Snuff Clip Art For Tik Tok Ads
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How It Works:

Create a fun and interesting TikTok
Include any of the Mint Snuff creative from this page or create your own!
Publish it on TikTok
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There are two types of Mint Snuff Tik Tok Ads we are looking for right now...
1. Ads that encourage other TikTokkers to make Mint Snuff Tik Tok Ads
2. Ads that encourage people to consider trying Mint Snuff Chew and Pouches as a healthy alternative



A2. For Medium Version (45% of Studio Version) Click Here

A3. PMS 355 Green is the can's color.

A4. 355 Green is the can's color

1.  8mintpouchesyoucanstopsmoking.gif

2.  6mintsnuffyoucanstopsmoking.gif

3.  quitchewingtobaccophoto468x6.gif

4.  4animMintSnuffPouch_one_second.gif

5.  2animMintSnuffPouch_2second.gif

6a. original -  3animMintSnuffQuit_one_second.gif

Revision for 6b:

Mint Snuff Can on left  - Mint Pouches Can on Right - Moving Text in Center on 1 second rotations

Quit Chewing Tobacco
Mint Snuff Chew
Mint Snuff Pouches
1-800-EAT-MINT  * click here


7.  1animMintSnuffQuit_2second.gif

8.  youcanstopsmoking468x60.gif

9.  youcanstopsmoking468x60pouches.gif

9a. Mint Pouches 1 second delay

10. Mint Snuff 1 second delay









16.   6canmintsnuff468x60.jpg

17.  6cansmintsnuffchewpouches468x60.gif











Television Ads:

Mint Snuff Chew Can on Left, Mint Snuff Pouches Can on Right
Above Cans: Quit Chewing Tobacco
Below Cans: 1-800-EAT-MINT
Below that:





Quit chewing tobacco and quit smoking with Mint Snuff Chew and Mint Snuff Pouches.

Mint Snuff is a healthy alternative to smoking and chewing tobacco and it freshens your breath, too.

Mint Snuff is made of mint, not tobacco. Instead of smoking or chewing tobacco, use Mint Snuff, instead.

For a Store Near you call 1-800-EAT-MINT, that's 1-800-EAT-MINT, or Mint Snuff dot com, that's MintSnuff dot com.




Do you know someone that smokes or chews tobacco? (pause)


Would you like to help them quit?..........if you just knew how? (pause)


Call 1-800-EAT-MINT......That's 1-800 - E - A - T - M - I - N - T (spelled out)


Remember this number: 1-800-EAT-MINT. (pause)


Mint Snuff Chew and Mint Snuff Pouches, are healthy alternatives to smoking and chewing tobacco.


They're made of mint instead of tobacco.


Every time you smoke you're gambling with your health.


You're rolling the dice with cancer.


Something as simple as switching to Mint Snuff Chew or Mint Snuff Pouches can improve your odds.


Think about this:  If you Pop A Mint Snuff Pouch instead of a cigarette every-other-time, you've cut your smoking in half. It's that simple.


Instead of every-other-cigarette,  Pop a Mint Snuff Pouch.


Call 1-800-EAT-MINT. That's 1-800 - E - A - T - M - I - N - T (spelled out) for where to buy Mint Snuff.


Or their website:  That's