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The inventor of Mint Snuff had a pre-cancerous lip from chewing tobacco and invented Mint Snuff Chew in 1984 to help himself - and others - quit chewing tobacco. Mint Snuff Pouches were recently introduced as a less-messy alternative for smokers and tobacco chewers and are really strong as a breath mint. For a store near you, call 1-800-EAT-MINT or click here. If you don't find Mint Snuff at your favorite store, please ask for it. Any store can get Mint Snuff from their tobacco distributor. Mint Snuff is not currently available at Walgreens. If enough customers request it, perhaps they'll carry Mint Snuff too!

What is it? Mint Snuff Chew is a non-tobacco edible chew made of mint instead of tobacco. It is safe to eat and has helped thousands of dippers help themselves quit. Mint Snuff Chew is available in Mint, Wintergreen, Cinnamon, and Spearmint. For more detailed information click here. Mint Snuff Chew is used by many dentists, hygienists & County Health Departments to help their patients quit.

Mint Snuff Pouches are miniature teabags filled with Mint and Mint Oil Crystals. They're a terrific alternative to cigarettes and they freshen your breath, too! Pop-A-Pouch instead of a puff! Pouches are available in Mint & Wintergreen. 25 Pouches per can. They "fix" coffee, beer, garlic, and cigarette-breath. Click for $1 Pouches sample

Please Ask For Mint Snuff Chew and Mint Snuff Pouches At Your Favorite Store! Or Call 1-800-MINT-SNUFF 9a-5p M-F Pacific Time. You can also order online.





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Here's what a Mint Snuff Pouch looks like:

There are 25 Pouches in each can. They are the world's longest lasting breath mint! Pouches fix coffee and garlic breath.