Do-It-Yourself Quit Smoking Program
Simple 2-Step Program - No prescription required - cheap

University researchers have pointed the way. You can stop smoking at your own pace...when you're ready with this simple, 2-step program.

There are 47 million smokers and 10 million smokeless tobacco users in the U.S. They are all addicted to nicotine. Breaking-free of nicotine is the key. Here's how:

Step 1: Switch from Smoking To  Using Smokeless Tobacco Pouches. Once you've re-trained yourself to use a tobacco pouch instead of a cigarette you're half-way there. You'll still get your nicotine, just through your lip instead of your lungs. There is still a risk of lip cancer during this step, but the risk of lung cancer is greatly reduced because you now use smokeless tobacco instead of smoking tobacco to get your nicotine-fix.

Step 2: Switch from Tobacco Pouches to Mint Snuff Non-Tobacco Pouches. Mint Snuff Pouches are made of mint instead of tobacco and pose no risk of lip cancer. Your mind still associates the pouch in your lip with receiving nicotine but Mint Snuff Pouches taste great and have no nicotine. Just a happy mint-rush. If you have withdrawal systems, alternate tobacco pouches with Mint Snuff Pouches until you're completely off tobacco.

The Scientific Evidence

Experts at the Tobacco Research Program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, with support from the National Institutes of Health, reported in Summer 2000 that Mint Snuff "reduced craving and withdrawal symptoms" in smokeless tobacco users who were enrolled in a treatment program. (Hatsukami DK, Grillo M, Boyle R, Allen S, Jensen J, Bliss R, Brown S.  "Treatment of spit tobacco users with transdermal nicotine system and mint snuff."  J Consult Clin Psychol 2000 Apr;68(2):241-9)

Switching from smokeless to tobacco-free Mint Snuff Pouches is easy.  Mint Snuff Pouches have the same size and feel as tobacco pouches.  They're  just as invisible, and just as satisfying. 


To use: Place a Mint Snuff Pouch between your cheek and gums.  Let  the flavor crystals slowly dissolve.

Mint Snuff Pouches are a healthy replacement for cigarettes, chewing tobacco and chewing gum! And they freshen your breath, too! Mint Snuff Pouches fix coffee breath, beer breath and garlic breath. Mint Pouches are minty-strong!

Mint Snuff Pouches are miniature teabags filled with mint and crystallized mint oil. Mint Snuff Pouches are the perfect alternative to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco and they freshen your breath, too!

Pouches are available in Original Mint and Wintergreen. They're especially popular as a convenient breath freshener because one Mint Snuff Pouch can last up to an hour, they're virtually invisible to others and they don't interfere with conversation.

Ask for Mint Snuff Pouches at Kroger or your favorite store. For Stores That Currently Carry Mint Snuff Pouches, click here.  Or order online!   Order by phone: 1-800-EAT-MINT 1-800-328-6468 9a-5p Pacific Time.  $1 Trial Sampler

You know smoking damages your health.  It causes cancer of the lung, throat and mouth. 

Tobacco-Free Mint Snuff Pouches (TM) from the Oregon Mint Snuff Company are 100% safe, and, since they feel and work just like smokeless tobacco pouches, they satisfy your need for oral gratification. (Try 'em for a buck!)

You can do it!  Switch from cigarettes - to Mint Snuff Pouches.   You can be tobacco-free!  No doctors, no prescriptions, no heavy expense.  Do it at your own pace.  You're in control! Mint Snuff can be your "Healthy Habit"!

Your dental health professional can help, too!  (Non-invasive, non-confrontational tobacco intervention technique.)  Send A "Quit Card"




































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